Importance of Telugu Songs in the Tollywood Film Industry

Jai (Sumanth Ashwin), Priya (Tejaswi Madivada), Bhavana (Sukriti), Nookaraju and Siddharth are the five youths who can be found in all the publications and are the main characters in the motion picture. All these 5 folks are best pals in their school. As the time passes Jai becomes hopelessly enamored with Manaswini (Sri Divya), who is increasingly focussed onto her profession rather this his affection. Siddharth cherishes Priya and Bhavana will be pulled in towards Nookaraju. Sri Divya need Sumanth to give up off and focus on her profession as Sumanth is a free going child and Siddharth doesn’t advise about his adoration towards Priya to his mom and he is KGF telugu movie or KGF chapter 2 telugu movie exceptionally terrified of her. Bhavana has a delicate corner towards the blameless looking and free meandering Nookaraju. How every one of these sets will collaborate and will lead their life effectively shapes the remainder of the plot.

Additionally Points:

Cast Performance, heart contacting exchanges, choice music by Mickey Cinematography and Screenplay

Less Points:

Unsurprising story, Bad Narration


Sumanth Ashwin and Sri Divya has performed sufficiently and Tejaswi has a noteworthy job right now her past movies. The portrayal of Nookaraju was entrenched. Music creation by Mickey J Meyer is an additional point for this motion picture. Bearing by Sai Kiran Adivi is acceptable however the story appeared to be a comparative one as we have seen in numerous past movies. Cinematography by Vijay K Chakravarthy was decent.Maro Charitra (1978), a film by K.Balachander featuring Kamal Hassan and Saritha is a story that spins around a straightforward “Telugu – Tamil” neighboring young lady and kid becoming hopelessly enamored and later separate with the impedance of their family which makes the story end in catastrophe. This motion picture was the greatest hit of the decade with heart-contacting melodies created by M.S.Viswanathan.

Presently, a similar story was changed utilizing the regular old title “Maro Charitra” featuring Varun Sandesh and Anita in lead jobs under the course of Ravi Yadav with great generation esteems by “Dil” Raju in 2010. The narrative of this new maro charitra was same yet just thing is that it happens in U.S where the old film story happens totally in Vizag. The Songs were all remixed from the old ones by Mickey.J.Mayor.

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