Cisco Certification – How to Construct a CCNP Home Lab

CCNP Laboratory SuggestionsOk, now that you’re a CCNA, ” I do not need to describe for you why you want more than 1 router or every characteristic of these routers. Let’s get down to business. It all comes down to what your budget are able to afford, as you can imagine. But I want to describe a few needs of the CCNP track.Visit here

12.4 IOS is a necessity for those routers according to Cisco’s web site. What does this mean to youpersonally? 2500 routers as well as also the normal 2600 routers can’t encourage 12.4 (although it’s possible to use such as border routers). Therefore, if you’re currently seeking to construct a CCNP lab that is true, jump directly into 2600XM or even the 3640 series routers. They’re both cheapest routers which can support 12.4. The 3640 is a router which is included with no ports but contains 6 network module slots you can set Serial, Ethernet and Voice cards to. The 2600XM series has two WIC slots and just one system module slot. The wonderful thing about the 2600XM show is the fact that it’s a 100mb Ethernet jack that is built in! You might need to incorporate a s module so that you may do a number of your frame relay labs. Finally, so that you are able to construct situations you would like to be certain that to have a couple of those routers on your laboratory.

Now with that said, that’s the favorite approach to begin building your CCNP laboratory from a router standpoint. That doesn’t imply you need to throw out all your 2500 and/or ordinary 2600 routers and begin from scratch. We can integrate them to a new CCNP lab environment, but you have to see you could not have the ability to observe every attribute work on every router as a few of you routers could be running 12.3 along with other 12.4. The old is important in this circumstance. The bigger your funding is, the further features you’ll receive. Like purchasing a vehicle, it is. The more cash you receive.

You will find theories about the test that need a router which supports ISR (Integrated Services Router) features. The 1841 is your solution to support so that we make certain that this router is contained in your laboratory this attribute set.

Similar to the older CCNP examination, a requirement will be that you comprehend Layer 3 switching. As that’s the switch for the cost, we propose the 3550 change. I think you will Discover That this is a fascinating module


We also indicate two extra 2950 switches so that you may do a number of your QoS and other shifting labs since you’ll truly require a total of 3 buttons. These certainly will do the trick if you couple a set of them with your 3550 switch and are priced.

An excellent to have would be a 2509 or 2511 access server. This way you don’t need to keep moving the cable from modem to router. You may access all of your routers and switches through cable that is linked and the access server. This isn’t likely to work on your laboratory, but it’s wonderful to have to create your laboratory a lot more easy to use. They have eliminated the ISDN theories. That means you won’t need to build an ISDN environment any longer. So that you will require some routers which will encourage the ISDN characteristics keep in mind, ISDN is covered in the CCNA class.

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