Cisco CCNA Certification Exam: Five Frame Relay Details You Have To Know

When you are studying for your CCNA test on how to making this enviable Cisco certificate, the details may seem overwhelming! I’ll point out five Frame Relay details as you’re on your way you have to remember!More information

Inverse ARP begins working when you start the serial interface. This protocol performs lively Frame Relay mapping, but you do not need to enable it it’s already enabled the moment you enter the control “encapsulation frame-relay”.

When you are configuring Frame Relay map announcements manually, do not forget that you’re mapping the local DLCI into the remote IP address.

When you run”display frame map”, the term”dynamic” suggests mappings made by Inverse ARP, and”static” suggests that it was created.

To identify potential LMI type mismatches, run”display frame lmi”. A number of Status Timeouts suggests that there might be an LMI problem between also the frame relay switch and also your router.

This final one is for the many of you constructing CCNA dwelling labs. A frame relay switch is a fantastic addition to your laboratory! As you’re busy placing the setup with each other, do not overlook the international command”frame-relay shifting” – it is this command which enables a Cisco router to serve as a frame relay switch!

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