Recently, as part of research for a new Worship Leading book by Sheena Doorn, I was asked ” What factors have hampered the move of the Spirit in your experience during Praise and Worship leading? What has facilitated it?

This was my answer, and I thought it might offer you some insight into the situations we as worship leaders meet when worship leading. OK, where’s my soapbox! Gosh, I could go on for ever about this! But allow me summarize…

1. Me: The number one obstruction to worship should lay on my shoulders, since I am responsible for the worship while I am the worship leader. My heart should be right, and I need to listen and observe during worship. If I hold back and things fail, the buck stops here. musicas gospel para ouvir Even if the band makes a mistake, I constantly take personal responsibility for it, for the reason that that is good leadership. If we need to be great at worship leading, if we require the blessings, we must take responsibility.

2. Religion: OK, this is a enormous one, and I am not talking about candles and incense. There is, shock horror, only as much “religious spirit” in Pentecostal churches as there is in conservative, it simply looks different, but it can have an effect on our worship leading in a comparable manner.

Religion requires things like…

a) The formula: If we do 3 speedy and 2 slow, God will demonstrate up. Utter rubbish really, but countless pastors think like this

b) Rapid songs: if you don’t do a quick song, nobody settles and God will not move

c) Set programs, which we are on no account to vary, such as “we simply ever do 2 songs, then we have announcements, then one song then the missionary spot, etc.”

d) Free worship: we have to have open worship every Sunday, since that’s what God likes. But, asks I, what if God is doing something different that Sunday morning? He won’t, they answer, God’s a Pentecostal, and He loves everyone singing in the Spirit.

Some one the most horrifying, un-anointed times I have ever experienced in worship, both as a worship leader and as the congregation, have occurred when, clearly, the leader has been concentrating on doing a “singing in the Spirit” session and has forced it. You can simply sense that it is not only lack luster but also simply painful.

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