Veterinarians will have something to say about how pets travel for emotional support if the airline requires it. However, with your rights, a letter from ESA helps protect you and your pet.

The first step in getting a letter from ESA is to find out if you qualify for an emotional support animal. Since emotional support animals perform functions related to mental disabilities, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder, their disability should be included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. mental disorders to show the need for an ESA and, therefore, and a letter from ESA.

Then you must connect with a licensed mental health professional. Here are some examples of professionals who can qualify your pet for emotional support:

Psychiatrists: Psychiatrists are licensed health professionals with a background in psychiatry. They can diagnose mental health problems, treat and prescribe medications.

Psychologists: Psychologists have a doctorate in clinical psychology and can evaluate a person’s mental health through interviews, assessments and tests.

Counselors, clinicians, therapists: These mental health professionals have a master’s degree and are trained to evaluate a person’s mental health.

All of these mental health professionals are qualified to diagnose, treat and approve a letter from ESA because emotionally supported animals are considered as tools for the mentally handicapped. Once you have discovered and worked with a mental health professional about your disability, you can request forĀ  ESA letter and advocate your case if you need an emotional support animal in your life. Once approved, you have a letter from ESA and you basically have an emotional support animal at your side.

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